Hello! I’m Manda Szewczyk and I’ve always been passionate about design and technology. Even as a kid, I would look for ways to improve anything and everything — from taglines to products to processes — and I very much enjoy creative problem solving to this day. I strive to make websites that are easier to navigate, convert more visitors into customers, and use truly “don’t make me think” user flows and processes.

My favorite thing about design is creating something that someone will interact with — whether it’s communicating an idea, answering a question, or closing a sale. I also love that the design field is constantly changing. I love learning and enjoy mastering new software, new strategies, and new techniques. I started my career as a print designer and spent years reading books, taking online classes, completing tutorials, and working on practice projects to convert into the web world. Even though I still enjoy print projects and am well-versed and experienced in prepress, I love the interactive aspect of web design.

In addition to design work, I spent many years teaching design at the college and adult level, and really enjoy the opportunity to mentor young designers. I have a blog dedicated to giving advice to new designers.

I’m also a competent project manager, and can handle driving a project from concept to completion. I enjoy working independently and am extremely self-motivated, but I also love being part of a team — especially a creative team or a marketing team.

In my spare time, I enjoy drawing, reading, writing, running, and hanging out with friends and family, my horse, and my doggos.

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